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Our goal is to connect all experts of the field internationally to exchange ideas and collaborate
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Dedicated companies, experts from finance and start-ups with expertise are vital for product development
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Our Purpose, Our Mission

ATiO uses its exclusive network of world renowned researchers, clinicians and business experts to enable and accelerate the development of new innovative therapies in the field of orthopedics that will ultimately change the lives of patients all around the world.

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"An Alliance for faster progress, innovation & a prolific future in Advanced Therapies in Orthopedics"

Prof. Tobias Winkler, MD PhD

Executive Board

"Scientists and companies must work in a joint endeavour on the problems of the future"

Michiel Bröker, MD

Executive Board

"Innovation in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases and related conditions is not simply the responsibility of one entity"

Prof. Stuart Goodman, MD

Scientific Committee

"Advanced therapies in orthopedics starts with advanced dialogues between scientist and industry"

Emil Billbäck

Advisory Board

"Biologic augmentation approaches to improve tissue healing and regeneration have tremendous potential but require further rigorous study"

Scott Rodeo, MD

Scientific Committee

"My mission is to develop the art of translation as a science – and advanced therapeutics as a manifestation of responsible research for patients and society"

Prof. Christopher Baum, MD

Chairman of the BIH Board of Directors and Head of Translational Research at Charité - Universitätsmedizin

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Latest Conference Impressions

Real name
PhD Sabrina Jahn

Congratulations to Liposphere Ltd. for emerging as the victorious company among a pool of 14 exceptionally promising contenders in the Early-Stage-Company-Contest at the ATiO Conference 2023!

Real name
Mario Fabiilli

There are two general types of medical ultrasound: diagnostic and therapeutic. Diagnostic ultrasound is widely used to produce real-time images of the body, including for the determination of musculoskeletal injuries and follow-up of musculoskeletal interventions. Contrastingly, therapeutic ultrasound produces bioeffects within the body, via the direct or indirect interaction of acoustic waves with cells/tissue, with the goal of benefiting patient health.

Real name
Noorjan Saidi

The ATiO Conference 2023 was a dynamic gathering that brimmed with diverse viewpoints and engaging discussions surrounding advanced therapies in orthopaedics. It served as a catalyst for fresh ideas and opened doors to foster future collaborations. Here's a brief overview of the notable occurrences at the event.

Real name
Noorjan Saidi

All pictures and impressions taken throughout the course of the ATiO Conference 2023!

Real name
PD Dr. Katharina Schmidt-Bleek

Delayed bone healing is still an unsolved clinical problem as confirmed by interviewing orthopaedic clinicians from Charité’s orthopaedic and trauma department. These clinicians state that further therapeutic options to treat complex bone healing scenarios would be highly desirable.

Real name
Carla Grote

Scientific progress was the overall objective pursued by the HipGen study funded by Tobias Winkler under EU Horizon 2020 (Grant 779293): Its aim was to bring the first regenerative therapy for improved recovery after muscle injury to market approval - time for a recapitulation!